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Summer 2011 Fashion Trends

What fashion trend will emerge this season?  Let’s start planning summer and do some cleaning in your wardrobe. These are some of trends to get passionate about in 2011 summer fashion.

This season, The Classic White color has been a loyal favorite between the top designers. From teenagers to grownups solid colored suits all ages and nearly all types of occasion. White is a symbol of purity and naturalness that why it is eternal color. White is the new black, this season forget the little black dress, little white dress to be seen in.
This spring/ Summer Fashion Trends for 2011, the 1970’s are making big return from Boho chic to 70’s long trousers with blouses for the day time, shimmering dresses for evening. Don’t forget to maxi skirt, maxi dress.
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The Feathers and Fringe!! What a great way to spice up your wardrobe this spring/ summer 2011 Fashion trends. The feather-trimmed dresses   back the old time Hollywood vogue.
The playful and dramatic accents, in variety of color of fun color. Charming feather gowns and dresses are to be seen in proms and parties.

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One of the outstanding spring summer 2011 trends- Neons. All over color or trim Neon will be a great way to make expression this spring and summer. Bright rainbow colors are mixed and matched with neons. Such as electric blue, hot pink, lime green, purple, fluorescent orange and yellow.

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This spring/ summer trend for 2011 designers are breaking the traditional rule of print by mixing unique patterns together. This season mixes different type of floral and animal prints. The dominated patterns themes of the season are plaids, paisley, floral, animal print, stripes and even fruit.  Be confident and wear them all at once.

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Recall your memories and back to a countryside where you used to spend holidays. Take hold of the nature with a fragile yet not naive cut-out detailing, lace, floral prints and crochet.  The key word is Arts-and Crafts.

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Despite the fact punk is unlikely to become main stream again at any time. The greatest counterculture will always be with us for better or worse. Military (AKA combat) design has been recreated for the fashion trend 2011. Punk-rock edge presenting leather, ripped stocking, studs and safely pins versus biker chic style with zipped sleeves and combat boots are addition.

Pajamas this spring / summer season 2011 fascinated the fashion minds. Inspired with the 1990’s trend string tie pants, silk pyjamas, kimonos, sarongs and other types all the way white and pastel colors.

The spring and summer season 2011 the hot pattern will be stripes and seen in the Catwalk.  The designers showed stripes across the board from skinny, base toned to bold, electric and you would be astonished to see how many designers are in stripes. These are including Seaside stripes; these stripes are ready for a day by the sea. Navy and white marine colors.  If you are adventurous you can wear stripes in any outfit, that including tops, jackets and skirts
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Laces and embroideries has been about for a long time and made strong arrival last year, its look like to continue during Spring/Summer 2011.  Particularly with the beach wear industry. A full body lace dress twist and feminine and perfect dress for the evening wear. Lace can be used from head to toe. The stylish lace fashion is moving away from the standard white to such as pink and res colors. Especially lace skirt can be wear daily; they can be worn with a plain classic top and still look amazing.
The fashion inspires a movie to shamelessly steal for trend. The success of the movie Black Swan starting Natalie Portman, ballet costumes have come to be one of the latest fashion trends for Spring/summer 2011. Tutus, ballet shoes and leg warmers are all part of this year trend. As always you can mix and match these pieces to design an outfit which suits you.


Wide use of belts has become fashionable last year season and until now belts do not lose their popularity. Wear a belt with a dress to emphasize your middle, pair it with a skirt or trousers to finish the look, or add a piece to make the outfit more unusual.

These are key fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2011! Hope this was helpful and remember you don't need to practice trends to be stylish.  Following fashion trends is meant to be fun, so don't take it too seriously! Wear what you like and what you feel comfortable in. Because not every fashion trend will suit your body shape or style, not every color will suit your coloring.  Wear what suits for you, not what works for somebody else!

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