Sunday, June 26, 2011

Les Creations de Florence

Another favorite Etsy artist of mine Florence of Les Creations de Florence makes this gorgeous hand painted glass in French Provence style!

I contacted Florence and asked if she would mind for her lovely creations to be featured on my blog. Florence graciously agreed to the feature.

A few words from the artist:
"I was born and raised in Paris and now living in beautiful coastal Connecticut, USA.
My current passion is creating beautiful hand-painted glass that I sell on Etsy and to all my adorable friends. I also love to draw; play with clay, fabric, felt; make jewelry, cook and garden. I just heart handmade!

All my glass and ceramic pieces are unique in design and inspired by nature, world cultures and current trends. Each glassware piece begins with clear glass. I use vivid and transparent glass paints with a variety of techniques including sponging, brushes and fine point painting to create an intricate and unique design for every piece.

My signature "Gribouillage" pieces are named after the French word that means scribbling ~ it is a unique technique that my friends and clients adore."

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